The Mobile Army

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Nietzsche (1844-1900) said ‘truth is a mobile army of metaphors’. He said a lot of other things, of course, not worth mentioning here. But it’s that one quote that came most often to mind during my visit to the Agile Alliance 2013 in Nashville recently. From session to session, lunch conversation to bar stool banter, the […]

The New Pseudo Science

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The Viennese philosopher Karl Popper (1902-1994) is remembered for calling Marx and Freud to the carpet for what he called ‘pseudo science’, criticizing their theories for avoiding ‘falsification’ or testing that would render them incorrect. Popper felt ‘real science’, on the other hand, was always open to falsification. For example, Einstein was open to being […]

Pascal’s Wager

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Whether or not to profess allegiance to Agile is a bit like Pascal’s Wager (Blaise Pascal, 1623-1662). Since objective proof is as hard to come by for Agile as it is for God, you’re ultimately better off saying you believe than stating otherwise. The analysis looks a bit like this: You can see the benefit […]

Noticing Growth

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If everything in the universe were expanding (let’s say over night, even atoms grow to the size of golf balls), how will you know you are bigger tomorrow than you are are today? It’ll be hard to measure because your ruler will also be bigger. The same is true for agencies. They get bigger than […]

The Cassandra Thrill

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A bit of career advice: Every day, try to find a little bit of sky that could fall on your project. Then tell your boss about it. You might think your job was to methodically think through a plan and deliver on it. You might even think you get rewarded for delivering on-time and on-budget, growing […]

Pick it and Kick It

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If you can be enthusiastic about something, over time, you can be successful at the thing you’re enthusiastic about. Of course, you have to extend your enthusiasm longer for brain surgery than you do for basket weaving to be competent, but you need it for both to be any good. Success is a a heck […]

Tossed and Stirred

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Making more money normally results from providing more privilege, whether that privilege comes in a room, a meal, access, or clothes. More privilege costs more. Like the $500 greens fees to an exclusive golf course. And, of course, ‘privilege’, is a feeling the buyer has. Not inherent to the qualities of the purchase or service. […]

Baloney Buffer

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Have you ever wondered how much of the information in all books is really true? I have no idea how many millions of books there are in the world, but I’m willing to bet the information in them is probably only about 20% true. If that. By true, I mean factual. Proven. Right all the […]

Listening Closely

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Listening closely to another person when they talk is very hard to do. It’s even harder than meditating by yourself in a quiet room. At least for me, trying to clear my mind for 15 minutes is spotty at best. But clearing my mind, and fully letting the words of whomever I am talking with fully […]

Maybe One Leg’s Shorter

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I start with the assumption that people are good, and they are on Earth to do the best they can. Of course, we all took different paths to get through the labyrinth of life so far, so we all have a different idea of what’s right, or how to get something done. Some think it’s by […]